Don’t Dam The Grand Canyon of Peru!

“I believe all rivers are sacred.” — Bruno Monteferri, standing at the site of the proposed Chadin II Dam, is Director of Conservamos por Naturaleza and the Maranon River Waterkeeper
Six thousand feet below, the Maranon River Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon and collects all the water that flows off the east slope of the Andes Mountains in Peru.
“The Maranon is a beautiful river — we need your help to save it.” — Leonardo Gonzalez, trip leader and renowned Peruvian adventure traveler who hosted a TV show for five years highlighting extraordinary outdoor trips throughout the country.
The Chadin II dam site would flood the small farming village of Mendan. Villagers have emblazened anti-dam graffiti across many of their homes.
“Protecting this river should be a part of the national pride of Peru.” — Enrique Ortiz, Program Director, Andes Amazon Fund
The Andes rise in the background around every turn along the Maranon River.
“I think we’re in a moment in history where humans really have to change the way we’re living on the planet.” — Bruno Monteferri (video link to embed:
Linlin Rapid, Class IV. Guide Leonardo is yelling “Forward!” Video: Enrique Ortiz. Link:
The Maranon offers peace and solitude amidst the massive mountains. Cat Ebeling, afternoon yoga at Magdalena Beach.



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Gary Wockner

Gary Wockner


Global environmental activist saving rivers, fighting climate change, supporting population stabilization. Author 2016 book, “RIVER WARRIOR”.